Trivia night. Alia College, Melbourne, Hawthorn 2005.

The Game

To kick off the year at Alia College we had a family Trivia Night in February.

There were 100 people in attendance, the VCE Homeroom was full to capacity. Each table had varying culinary delights to sample.

The MC, Scott, captivated the audience with his witty charm and good looks. There seemed to be one person who dominated the winning circle on the night; Bob. He won the Heads & Tails competition and his table went on to win the Trivia Night.

He relinquished the Heads & Tails to the runner-up Ashlyn. Mid way through the rounds we were honoured to hear the talents of Noriko as she performed on the Tsugaru-syamisen, a Japanese style banjo.

Secondary college: Alia

Fun and games had by all

Secondary college: Alia Noriko plays the Tsugaru-syamisen

Arts Night

Arts Nights occur twice a year at Alia and 20 May was the first for 2005 and was another outstanding success.

Students displayed their talents in dance, music, art and drama. Such nights are a much anticipated and integral part of Alia College. Every student has an opportunity and is encouraged to display their talents.

It's great to see students who began at Alia a few years ago with little or no musical training now performing classical and contemporary rock pieces in a band.

The range of ideas and styles used to create detailed and unique art pieces continues to impress all that see them.

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