Mathematics is an area of knowledge and skills that pursues the beauty of logic and discovery. It has become a useful language which help individuals presenting and proving ideas.

Alia College has a Mathematics curriculum team who comes from an established academic background. The pedagogy we approach in Mathematics is to provide students the feeling of achievement and continue to build up that feeling to a level where they want to employ mathematic logic thinking in their life or pursue further in mathematical career. At Alia College, Mathematics lessons are taught in a smaller class where everyone has more opportunities to communicate with the teachers about the curriculum.

The structure of the Mathematics curriculum at Alia College:

Junior (Year 7/8) Maths, Year 9 Maths and Year 10 Maths are mandatory through the school year.

In VCE, we offer:

  • General Mathematics
  • Mathematics Methods
  • Specialist Mathematics

We also provide VCE VM Numeracy under certain contexts.