Information Nights

Information nights are a wonderful way for parents to get a sense of the school environment and to ask both students and teachers any question they may have. A typical information night consists of a student-led tour of the school, followed by a group question and answer session, finishing with a talk led by Bob, the principal. Information nights officially start at 7.15 pm and finish at 8.45 pm, however, visitors can leave at any stage throughout the evening. Students, as well as parents, are encouraged to attend. All ages are welcome. We encourage you to give us a call or email us to inform us you’ll be attending.

Information Nights for 2024

Term 1
Tuesday 13 February
Wednesday 13 March

Term 2
Thursday 18 April
Tuesday 28 May

Term 3
Thursday 18 July
Tuesday 27 August

Term 4
Thursday 10 October
Thursday, 7 November

All information nights start at 7.15 pm.

Further Reading

Some recent items from the question and answer session at an Information Night.

Student: I recently arrived at Alia from an all-girls religious school.

Visitor: Was it a massive adjustment to come to a school like Alia?

Student: I thought it would be. But I didn’t feel alone because everyone introduces themselves. It’s just really welcoming here, almost a family environment.

Visitor: Is that because you are a confident person?

Student: No. I’m not actually.

Visitor: What’s the difference from your former school that you experience here?

Student: It’s more relaxed and friendly.

Visitor: If it’s more relaxed, does that mean that you learn less?

Student: No, you learn more. It’s more relaxed as in, people are not going to judge you over everything that you do. I went to an all-girls school and teenage girls are very quick to judge harshly. Here you can say what you think.

Visitor: Surely they don’t agree with everything that you say?!

Student: Of course not. But people don’t put you down for your opinion. If you say something sufficiently silly people laugh, but it’s not, like, harsh.

Student: In mainstream schools, if you’re different – you’re dead! [General laughter]

Visitor: Is there competition in the work?

Student: Sometimes, between friends. But it’s healthy. It’s not like “I’m really better than you.”

Visitor: Do friendships form between different age groups?

Student: Yes. Kids talk to each other from all different levels. Most kids know the name of every other kid in the school.

Student: In my old school you didn’t talk to kids in other year levels. It’s kind of weird because it’s okay to talk to kids at higher levels but not lower levels.

Visitor: What sort of students DON’T stick it out at Alia?

Student: Students who think “I don’t have to do work or be nice.” If you ruin the atmosphere.

Visitor: How many of you didn’t particularly like school before you came here?

Students: Many hands up.

Visitor: This school changed your attitude?

Students: Yes. At Alia, you WANT to go to school. Teachers don’t tell you you HAVE to.

Visitor: What things DON’T you like about The School? What would you change?

Students: [loudly] The doorknobs!

Student A: Uniform. None of the other students will agree with this, but in my old school, we had a school uniform. It’s the only thing I miss. It’s not really a big deal, but I did like it.

Visitor: What were the biggest differences you experienced when you came here?

Student: Shock at first. It’s so different. Then you really like it and you don’t want to leave.

Student: In my old school there were hundreds of students but not many real friends. Here you feel like you have lots of friends.