Trial Days and Trial Weeks

Trial Days and Trial Weeks

He is a changed boy, once again switched on and excited about learning. It hardly seems possible that he could change so much from visiting your school for a week.

– Parent

A Trial Day is a unique opportunity for prospective students to experience a full day at Alia College without the commitment of a formal enrolment and without having to complete an enrolment interview.

A Trial Day allows the student to spend a day in class with the current Alia students. They are able to see how the other students interact with each other, and with teachers. In this way the reality of the school can be experienced by the student first hand.

The visitor also gets to experience the way the teachers go about their jobs, and to see if that fits in with their own way of learning.

In most cases the Trial Day extends to a Trial Week. If things go well for all concerned, an enrolment meeting takes place at the end of the trial period.

In order to begin a Trial Day at Alia you must fill out an enrolment application form and pay the application fee of $200.00. Please note that this is an application form only and not an enrolment form. An enrolment interview follows a successful trial period. A trial day will be arranged once the application form and payment are received by Alia College.

To download an application form, click here.