Fees and Scholarships

Our fees are comparable with other independent schools, however individual family circumstances are always taken into account.

Fees for Year 7 entry for 2022 are $12,000 per annum [means tested] for students suited to alternative education with an aptitude to learn effectively in a progressive environment.

For all other information on fees contact the school on 9822 9622.

If you are keen to attend Alia College and have concerns about your ability to pay fees then you are welcome to apply for a General Excellence Scholarship (Bursary).

How to apply for scholarships

Write us a letter/email explaining why you might be good for the school and/or why the school might be good for you. You can include a bit about your story or anything else you think might sway us.

How your application is considered

We will read what you say and consider your application in relation to how a student like you might fit into our currently enrolled group, whether we think you or someone else wrote the application, and how nice or awful a day we have just had.

If someone else would like to say something that they do not think you will address adequately, they can write a separate email.

What questions should I answer in my application?

That is up to you. As many or as few as you like – although if you send us a short novel we might not have to time to read your application. We are not into such things as key performance indicators that must be thoroughly addressed in order to get past the first base. The one thing that you must include is your contact details (name, email address and telephone number).

If anything above is unclear, or creates a difficulty for you, please feel free to contact us.