“People who read these pages often comment that they are too good to be true. We see so much spin in general communication these days that we automatically expect to find it everywhere. For this reason, we allow unprecedented access to the College everyday and allow visitors to meet the students. This way you can make up your own mind about whether this school is the right place for you or your children.” — Founder and Principal of Alia College, Bob Morgan

About Alia

Alia College, an independent secondary school of less than 100 students in Melbourne’s inner East, cannot easily be described as any one “type” of school.


We do not fit with other strongly academic schools because we are considerate of students’ concerns and feelings. We do not ascribe to the militaristic discipline and uniform dress requirements of traditional English public schools. We are equally supportive of students who are artistic, creative or practical.

Nor do we fit with the usual alternative, progressive, holistic, caring, community type schools because we have high expectations of academic learning.

To learn more about the academic offerings at Alia College, visit the Curriculum section of the website.


Alia has established a degree of cheerful productivity in an atmosphere of open communication. Visitors tell us that the unstrained, spontaneous reactions of students are refreshing and immediately obvious upon visiting the school.

For us, harmony does not mean the sort of placid sameness where seldom is heard a discouraging word. True harmony and peace exist where the constant disagreements and irritations of life can occur, can be aired without having to have them swept under the carpet, can be considered over a significant period of time without a rush for an instant coerced resolution, and then can be unwound in a civilised manner.

To learn more about our approach to learning at Alia College, visit the Culture section of the website.


We take great care that students who come to our school will be able to find a place within our small community.
Those interested in the school are invited to come for a Brief Visit any morning of the week at 8.45am.
Students who think they might like to enrol can then do a Trial Day to experience the day to day workings of Alia.
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Meet the Staff

We have a lot of passionate teachers and support staff at Alia. Click on the photos below to learn more about the people that work here.



News and Events

End of Year Camp at Castlemaine

by Hagan Mathews Another year has come and gone, and with it, many camps. As always we spent our last week of school relaxing at some far off campsite, eating well-prepared but poorly planned meals, playing cricket, going on long walks, lazing in our tents, and, always, chatting chatting chatting to each other. We visited […]

Congratulations Class of 2017!

by Hagan Mathews This year 19 students completed their VCE at Alia. We celebrated with post-exam giddiness at the Augustine Centre in Hawthorn on Friday, 24th of November. Graduation is always such a fun night. For the first time in at least a year students, parents and teachers can all relax and talk about something […]