Trivia Night 2024

Written by Francesca and Kat (Year 11)

On March 1st, marking the beginning of Autumn, Alia College hosted its highly anticipated annual trivia night.

A variety of members from the alia community attended – including current students, families, friends, and a number of former students struggling at University who were delighted by the free food. Chatter flooded the lawn as people made their way to their assigned tables and began indulging in the abundance of food brought to share. 

As per tradition Scott Pearce (English and Literature teacher) announced how the night will run and let us know the prizes available to win for the raffle, taking up any opportunity to crack a joke. 

From a greatly desired tea set to an assortment of treats and lollies, everyone rushed to purchase a winning ticket. The proceeds from the raffle tickets go to year 12 events which make muck up day and graduation possible. Raffle tickets weren’t the only things being sold that night as Sam (yr 12) was selling his Nonna’s freshly baked pizza, which were very much appreciated by the crowd. 

The night kicked off and everyone’s brains were flooded with questions about history, pop culture, geography and more. It was nothing out of the ordinary when people gradually started questioning how reliable Scott’s answer sheet was, Scott is yet to comment on this subject…

As the night came to an end the raffle and trivia winners were announced. Congratulations to the trivia winners, Table of Success, a group of former students who victoriously claimed their prize of Ikea supplies! 

Thank you everyone who attended, helped set up, and organised! It was a great night and we hope to see you again next year.