Start of Year Camp 2024: Torquay!

Written by Francesca and Kat (Year 11)

As per Alia tradition, we started the year with a school camp, this time trekking down to the sunny beach town that is Torquay. 

We always start the year off with a camp as it provides the opportunity for students to connect and spend time with peers, especially those who are newer than others. 

Activities included all the usual good stuff such as setting up camp, cooking, cleaning and arguing over whose tent peg belongs to who. In addition to this fun we enjoyed stand up paddle boarding, horse riding, morning runs with Scott (Literature teacher), a trip down to the Narana Aboriginal Cultural Centre and fishing which was organised by Tom (Year 11). 

The stakes were raised when we discovered the Ping Pong table which led to intense competitions that lasted the entirety of camp, even causing some surprising rivalries to be formed…

Kanha (Year 11), Chip (Year 10) and a gremlin under the table

Image 1: At the Lookout – Image 2: Students and staff playing card games

Helen (Classics and English teacher) prepared a scavenger hunt which included a myriad of riddles and quests for the two teams to partake in. In the end only one team came out on top, winning a $60 voucher for the local Torquay Op shop!

Ziggy (Year 10), a member of the winning group, used his share of the money to undergo a fashion transformation. He purchased some very charming pieces styled by Francesca (Year 11), Michael (Staff Member), and Scott (Just Scott).

Ziggy (Year 10)

In the end we all left sunburnt, merry and ready to take on the school year with new friendships and memories made!

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