What is School Re-Engagement Support at Alia?

To enable your child to find their way forward in either their existing school or an alternative school, and to support the family during periods of chronic school can’t / school refusal.  

Your child does not need to be an existing Alia student to access this support.  

 The program is designed to

  •  give a voice to your child and to you, advocating for them when they are unable to do so
  • identify your child’s barriers to their school attendance
  • identify your child’s interests and their strengths as a learner
  • work with you and your child, and their existing school (if relevant) to find a path forward which feels safe, manageable and sustainable.
  • help your child recover from the damage and potential trauma caused by their previous school experiences.

 For more information please call Harriet on 03 9822 9622 or email srs@alia.vic.edu.au

What the program isn’t:

School Re-Engagement Support at Alia is not about ‘fixing’ students and sending them ‘back’ to their previous school.
It is not about forcing anyone to attend.
It is about listening to a student’s prior experiences and supporting them to find a sustainable path forward in their education.
We work directly with both parents and the young person.

Who is the program for?

  • students aged 12 upwards (Grade 6 and high school) struggling with school can’t / school refusal / school anxiety or who have disengaged entirely from their school.
  • students can be referred by their family, their current school, CYMHS, psychologist, Family Services etc, or self-referral.
  • School Re-Engagement Support is very welcoming of all students, including all gender identities and neuro-diversities.  

Your child does not need to be an existing Alia student to access this support.  

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