Trial Days and Brief Visits

Brief Visits

Alia offers informal brief visits to potential students and their parents. These last about 20 minutes. You are able to watch a class group in action from the sidelines for about 10 minutes, and check out the tone of the school.

Brief visits are a great way for interested students and families to see a student group discussion and get an idea of what the school is like, and how the students act, dress and relate.

You can experience the difference here in a short period of time giving the prospective student an idea of whether they would like to come along to Alia on a formalised trial day.

Brief visits start at 9am sharp. The timing is quite significant. What you are going to see is quite important and sometimes only lasts for 5 or 10 minutes. So, if you are going to be late it is best to turn around and come another day. Traffic on Tooronga Road is very heavy at 9am - allow an extra 10 minutes for that alone. Parking is also very difficult - allow another 10 minutes for that also. If you are coming by rail or bus there should be no real problem.

Trial Days

A trial day allows a prospective student to spend a day in class with the Alia students.

The student who is taste testing Alia is able to see how the other students interact with each other, and with teachers, and when teachers aren't around, which is probably the real test.

The visitor also gets to check out the way in which teachers go about their job, and to see if that fits in with their own way of learning.

Trial days may also be extended into trial weeks.

Then, if things go well for all concerned, an enrolment meeting takes place at the end of the trial period.

Parent Comments

"She was beaming when she came out."

"She has been joyous all night."

Mostly we get these sorts of excessively pleased comments from parents of girls, but boys are pretty happy too. Perhaps the girls are just more expressive?

He is a changed boy, once again switched on and excited about learning. It hardly seems possible that he could change so much from visiting your school for a week.

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