Alia College – a school with a flexible learning environment in Hawthorn East.

What do we mean when we say Alia provides a flexible learning environment?

When we say Alia provides a flexible learning environment, we don’t only mean that Alia has special programs or processes to help students with varying needs. The whole place is conducive to students mostly getting things their own way when it comes to how they learn.

A personal learning approach:

  • Small class sizes, especially in VCE.
  • A broad variety of subjects offered in VCE.
  • Opportunities for remedial or extension work.
  • Opportunities to develop personal projects.
  • Opportunities to take on positions of responsibility in the school.
  • Teachers and students share common areas (no staff room)

We explain more here what we mean by flexible learning school.

Students interested in the school can do a trial day here to find out what the students and teachers are really like, in the way that only a student can.

A Year 12 student left us a card with these words just after he graduated:

Dear Alia Staff,
I want to thank you all for your patience, kindness and persistence with me. Each teacher has offered extra help of themselves, including Andrew bringing me classes to me, to help eliminate some of the steps I was having trouble with. Although this effort may not have seemed appreciated or successful, it was very important to me and did resonate how much everyone cared. Thank you for the environment that Alia fosters, you have allowed me to overcome hurdles and incrementally through your help, over the years I have been here, to realise my dream of obtaining my VCE. I am supported by my family, especially [my partner], but it was only Alia that enabled me to finish my schooling. I want to thank you all for every extra effort and different approach you tried, I appreciate that many looked like they hadn’t worked but I saw the effort and they really did help me.

Here are some ways to learn more about what makes Alia a great alternative: