Term I Camp: Phillip Island

Orientation Camp was delayed this year due to the COVID situation in Melbourne, but thankfully a belated version was able to happen in the last week of Term I.

While at the campsite, students and staff got involved in cooking lunch and dinner, creating sand artwork on the beach, and resting after a term of hard work.

Students and staff also had the opportunity to attend the Penguin Parade. Photos were not allowed to ensure the safety of the penguins in their natural habitats, but we did get some photos of students enjoying their time on the boardwalk.

Some students also went on a walk to Cape Woolamai. A walk that was only supposed to take 2 hours, ended up taking 6 hours due to high tides delaying the hike. This was not a worry, as it gave those on the walk an opportunity to enjoy nature and its surroundings.

Overall, camp was a time for students to relax, but also spend more time with their peers outside of a classroom environment. Till next time!

Goodbye Rin!

During Term 1 we had the privilege of welcoming Rin from Hungary to Alia. Rin has been a wonderful addition to Alia, getting involved in many different activities, including lunchtime soccer and chess.

We farewelled Rin on the last day of camp with a handmade letter that had messages from students and staff. Thank you Rin for your contribution to Alia, and we wish you the best of luck in your future endeavours and your presence will be missed!