Events at Alia

For the first time in a long time, Alia College was able to run two in person events, Trivia Night and Arts Night.

Trivia Night

Trivia Night is a free event, that gives the opportunity for the Alia community to come together for a fun night. This year, Trivia Night was held on the front lawn. After school, students helped set up the tables, chairs, a stage, audio and lights for the night ahead. A group effort ensured we were set up in time.

As usual, the sports round was a quiet one. Scott, the MC for the night, ensured to end on a very difficult and mind boggling question, ‘How many metres in a 100m sprint?’ This did stump quite a few tables.

Overall, the night was a success, thanks to the group effort of the Alia community.

Arts Night

At Arts Night, friends, family and the Alia community are invited to Alia to view the work students have been doing in the arts over the term. Everyone brings a plate of food to share. Students from all year levels present music and drama performances and an art exhibition.

This year, the Junior English class also took part in Arts Night. During Term 1, they created ‘Choose your own Adventure’ style books. During the intermission, they completed a book signing. It was a very successful event, with many wanting the signatures of future award winning authors.

Music performances were well received. We heard ‘Seven Nation Army’ by the Juniors (Emilia, Greg, Luqmaan, Ord, Nevaeh, Ziggy), ‘We Can Work it Out’ played by the Seniors (April, Ava, Kanha), and multiple solo performances from VCE Music students Zoe (Yr 11) and Joe (Yr 12).

Chris (VCE Drama and Theatre Studies teacher) writes what his students created for Arts Night:

For Year 11 Theatre Studies, we beheld the musical and physical storytelling of Krishna and Oscar as they performed an extract of the musical number ‘Non Stop’ from Hamilton. The rendition involved an original exchange between the two before they launched into the rhythmic trade between Aaron Burr (Krishna) and Alexander Hamilton (Oscar).

This year, the Year 12 Drama students showcased their improvisation skills, thinking on their feet and using the power of mime as they performed short form improvisation skits based on characters and situations suggested by the friends and family that attended Art’s night. Their efforts left us laughing as a paranoid Batman (Oscar) got a manicure by an artistic Bob Ross (Rachel) and we witnessed Dora the Explorer (Zoe) maniacally exchange pleasantries with a T-Rex and a Donkey in a slightly run down log cabin.