The wonder of Christmas comes early to Alia!

by Hagan (English teacher)

Thank you to Jasper (Yr 12) and their parent Anna for an incredible contribution to Alia history — Jasper and Anna made a gingerbread house based on the Alia College floor plan, and the result was amazing! The baking achievement was unveiled at Year 12 graduation, and remained in the foyer to impress students, staff and visitors alike visually, architecturally and, of course, deliciously.

If you are familiar with the Alia campus, you’ll notice that nothing has been left out. The first photo shows the view of the school from Cato St, with the stairs leading to the entrance and the balcony and verandah. Around the back gingerbread Christmas trees take the place of the large birches along the back fence.

It’s a pity we had to eat it…