School excursion to Nangak Tamboree Wildlife Sanctuary

by Hagan (English teacher) and Senior English Homeroom

Last Friday, after a long ride in a bus hired specifically for the occasion, the Junior and Senior students (years 7-10) all arrived at Nangak Tamboree wildlife sanctuary at La Trobe University in high spirits, with hopes of a grand day.

We walked into the sanctuary surrounded by trees filled with birds (and at least one possum). We met our guide Jacob, who took us wading into the wetland to collect samples of the wetland water. We then looked at micro-invertebrates through the microscope. We found, back-swimmers, blood worms, mosquito larvae, giant water-bugs, needle bugs, water boatmen and a bunch of other things we can’t remember.

We then went into the main wildlife sanctuary searching for birds and possums, and visited some ancient trees which are over 300 years old. Afterwards we sat in the outdoor amphitheatre and learned about the food web and how removing or adding an animal can vastly change or even destroy a food web.

We then had lunch at La Trobe University. Some students talked to a couple of University students who support the Labour party. They were taking signatures for a petition.

Students agree it was an all around enjoyable day. The walk was peaceful and we learned quite a lot.