Have I not reason to lament/ What man has made of man?

Hagan Mathews (English teacher)

William Wordsworth has a lot of poems in which he has stopped, arrested by a view, and written down some of his revelations about Nature and man. The Year 12 English class, for their first assignment of the year, need to do something similar. To get the creative mind turning, we drove out to the nearest mountain we could find, looked out over the city, read two poems by WW, had a picnic and wrote some poetry.

A memorable line from Elijah compared us to “goldfish swimming through the air that surrounds the bowl.”

Then, to ruin all the wholesomeness and purity, we stopped at Maccas on the way home :(.

For anyone enticed to find this view, you head up Mt Dandenong and find the Kyeema track to the Kyeema memorial (where a plane crashed into the mountain), then take an unofficial path down-mountain for about 100 metres to a spot where the trees clear out. The view is especially stunning if you can be there at sunset, which, unfortunately for us, falls outside of school hours.

The Year 12 class reclining on the side of Mt Corhanwarrabul (next to Mt Dandenong) writing poetry and eating cheese. Note Melbourne city on the horizon.