Term IV in sum

Hagan Mathews

Term IV was a busy one. So busy.

I’ll try to outline the major occurrences to give any new visitors an idea of what we get up to as the year comes to a close. For more detailed articles, visit our blog here. We don’t go quietly into Christmas, that’s for sure.

Arts Night

At Arts Night, friends and family are invited to Alia to view the work students have been doing in the arts over the semester. Everyone brings a plate of food to share. Students from all year levels present music and drama performances and an art exhibition.

Alia Alumni Gathering

At our annual alumni gatherings, the school welcomes back anyone and everyone who has ever been a student at Alia. We present a photoboard of memories for the “reunion” class (in this case, the class of 2019). The get together is a great opportunity to see old friends and find out what people have been up to since leaving the school.


Each year a group of students come to the end of their time at Alia and turn their thoughts to what comes next (or, we hope, to some well deserved rest before thinking about what comes next). This year was no exception, with 10 students graduating in a ceremony held at Alia.

City Experience and Skills Week

City Experience and Skills week is a week of activities before end of year camp. These activities are an opportunity for senior students to explore Melbourne and try new things. This year students completed a driving course, visited the immigration museum, and played a few rounds of Archery Attack, among other things.

Japan Trip

15 students, staff and alumni spent two weeks exploring Japan to round out the year. We focussed on the cities of Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo. Students tried foods they’d never eaten before, practiced their Japanese, visited shrines and museums, and experienced the sheer wonder of being in a 29 million strong metropolis like Tokyo.

End of Year Camp to Euroa

The year we travelled to Euroa for our end of year whole school camp. On these camps we pat ourselves on the back for the year just past, and take some time to enjoy each others company.