VCE Biology Excursion

Earlier this week, VCE Biology students and Kim went along to GTAC in Parkville. Here, students got to use compound light microscopes and staining methods to prepare a range of cell types (bacteria, plant, protist and animal cells) to explore cell structures and the functions of key organelles, before examining their slides by light microscopy up to a magnification of 1000x and recording their observations with labelled scientific drawings and digital images.

Students were also introduced to research level staining techniques by conducting a triple-fluorescence stain of cultured mammalian cells for examination with GTAC’s Nikon fluorescence microscopes. This experiment provided a unique and aesthetic insight into the architecture of eukaryotic cells and an experience of an advanced technique used by scientists to study cell function.

These activities relate to How Do Organisms Function? Area of Study in Unit 1 Biology, and support the revision for Unit 3 Biology students.

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