Year 10 Colac Camp

Over the last week, the Year 10 students, or some of them, at least, went away on a class trip to Colac. Since beginning a few years ago, the Year 10 Colac Camp aims to help students bond with classmates before VCE begins the following year, and to take some time away after the school year.

Alex, Benny, Saskia, Jonathan, Joe, and Paul.

Benny and Saskia related to me how they squashed al of the equipment, the students and Chloé and Joe into the bus for the trip down. Not only was this pretty hot, it was certainly a bonding experience for them all. After getting there and setting up the camp, they had a happy night playing charades and singing pop songs around the campfire.

Saskia and Ashleigh.

The following day, students ventured out on a hike, which not only ended up longer than expected (due to an accidental scenic route being taken), but also took a smelly turn at one point, as they wandered into a a swampy pond bed before realising how gross and muddy, and stinking of rotten eggs it was.

Hiking on Day Two of the camp.

Overall, everyone worked really well together, and the trip was a lot of fun. The students were nice enough also to clear out and re-organise the camp cupboard and equipment on the Friday after their return!

Chloé and Saskia.
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