Respectful Relationships Update – Term Three

Throughout Term Three, the Respectful Relationships team has persevered through the terror of ‘Term 3’. We’ve been meeting to discuss and implement engaging and effective ways to promote respectful relationships, and open the conversation within the Alia College community, around inequality and men’s violence towards women and children.
It was good news to hear that funding for the Rights, Resilience, and Respectful Relationships initiative has been renewed for another year. This allows schools to have the necessary resources and support to continue rolling out the program. 
In Term Four, there will be a T-shirt design competition, with students having the opportunity to design a T-shirt on the themes of Consent & Age of Consent, Sexting, Gendered Language & Stereotypes, Bullying, Discrimination, or Contraception. These designs will be paraded at whole school meeting. The aim behind this is to start a dialogue around the above topics and how they relate to what we do at Alia College around respectful relationships. The winning designers (as voted for by their peers and judged by our panel) will receive a cash prize, and we’ll be selling those designs on the school website, with the proceeds going towards a cause that is decided on by the Alia community. 
The poster for the Term Four T-shirt competition.
We’re also in the throes of planning our next parent and staff evening, for which we’re looking at bringing in an expert in the field to talk to us and help us to keep our conversations open. Stay tuned for further information coming out shortly and if there is anything specific you/your family is needing support with, let us know and we will see if we can bring it all together.