Welcomes and Farewells

by Francesca Bracewell

Can you believe it? How is it that we are more than halfway through the year already?! In any case, we hope the first half of 2018 has been a smooth and enjoyable one for everyone. For us, Semester One has brought with it a bunch of colds, viruses and, more recently, the dreaded flu. Thankfully, we also seem to have attracted the odd student here and there who, despite having to dodge the various contagious bugs travelling around the school, help keep the school buzzing and, with their presence, a warmer space.

A big welcome to Cayden (Year 7), Annabel (Year 9), Hugo (Year 10), Jerome (Year 10), Nikki (Year 11) and Ushan (Year 11) – it is wonderful to have you as part of the community! We hope you enjoy your time here at Alia.

We also sadly say farewell those who will be leaving Alia. To Ash (Year 11), Celina (Year 11), Jack (Year 9), and Jess O (Year 11), we wish you all the luck and good fortune for your future endeavours and hope you will come to visit us once in a while. We will miss you all! Thank you all for your contribution to the school.

We hope everyone is having a wonderful break! We look forward to seeing you all back next term! Stay warm and healthy.