Respectful Relationships Update

Over the course of Term Two, the Alia College Respectful Relationships team has been busy with various things relating to Respectful Relationships.  We’ve continued meeting fortnightly to ensure we move forward with various items, and to share thoughts and opinions – nothing less at Alia! 

Some things we’ve done this term include creating a formal statement that details the school’s commitment to gender equality. This has been signed by Bob, as principal, and is now hanging in the foyer by the photocopier. If you have a moment to spare, be sure to check it out! 

We’ve also continued to discuss the impact of gender issues and stereotypes, and this culminated in a spontaneous whole school meeting on the last Monday of term following the tragic murder of Eurydice Dixon in Princes Park. This discussion went better than we could have hoped, with students sharing their thoughts and experiences, being open, and creating sense of support for each other. It was great to use the Alia forum to look at  the ways we, both as individuals and a community, can ensure greater safety for everyone, especially fellow students. Resources around all of these topics are available at multiple points around the school, and students can always speak to staff, should they feel the need to. 

In Term Three, we aim to work with students in developing particular statements to emphasise the commitment to gender equality for important school documents, as well as to participate in further professional training. We’ll also be announcing our next community information session, so stay tuned! 

Should you have any questions about this, or anything to do with the state government’s Respectful Relationships Initiative, please contact one of the Respectful Relationships team members – Kim, Amanda, Chloé, Josh, or Thomas.