Junior English ‘Passion Project’

By Ember “The Excellent” (Year 8) & Oscar “The Outstanding” (Year 7)

Towards the end of Term Two, Junior English students worked hard on a ‘Passion Project’. Why? Well, Dylan, the main character in our film study, ‘Paper Planes’, was passionate about designing, creating and throwing paper planes, which he did successfully in competitions. He even made it to the World Championships! (No, we are not going to tell you if he won! That would be a spoiler!) The reasons why Dylan loves doing this are because his mother taught him how to do this (and she has since died) and it brings back fond memories, but also, he wants his dad to be proud of him and to give him more attention. This commitment that Dylan showed can reflect the passion that everyone has for something.

The Passion Project was a way for us to think about and show our own interests to our classmates. Dylan had a planning book to express and consider his ambitions, so we went through a similar process with our own booklets where we could draw and write down our ideas. Janet showed us a model and gave us ideas and options, but we could choose what our passion might be and how to present it to the class. Because this is English we had to provide at least 50% writing, in whatever form we chose to submit it, which is fair enough. Projects ranged from cake making (yum!) to music interviews and critiques (super interesting) to…a website (wow factor).

We did a great job! Thanks Janet, it was an interesting and fun project.