School Production Success!

by Jess K (Year 12 Theatre Studies)

Over the past three months, Alia College students, teachers and Alia community have been working extremely hard on producing a play called Masquerade by Kate Mulvany. The Year 12 Theatre Studies class had to each choose two stagecraft elements. Elise did props and acting, Emma did set design and stage management, Eliza did music and acting, and I did sound and marketing. All these elements help shape the play together. We also had the help of the Year 11 Theatre Studies class, our actors (who range from Years 7 to 12), the Year 9 and 10 Drama class. Everyone chipped in in many ways which was brilliant teamwork!

For those who couldn’t see the play it was about two main characters, Tessa and Joe. Tessa is a single mother trying her hardest to grasp herself together for her very ill son Joe who has been bedridden in the hospital for a very long stretch. That’s all I’m saying as, if you read the play, I don’t want to spoil it for you!  So, over the three months we worked hard on our elements in class, at home, in school hours and after school hours, any time we had we were working out hearts out to make the show happen.  Before we knew it all the lunch time, after school and holidays rehearsals had paid off, and it was such an achievement for all of us. On the 5 and 6 May we showcased our hard work at Auburn South Primary School’s hall. We had an amazing turn out, with 111 people over the two nights! We all greatly apricate everyone who came and had faith in us. I’d especially like to thank Mr. Joshua Lynzaat our teacher, director, and anything you want him to be he was. Thank you to everyone at Alia for supporting us, helping with ideas, helping with organising things, thanks to “office Ash” for the endless support of my stress breakdowns during the lead up. We hope you all enjoyed it, because we sure did!