Kim Bruce

Kim Bruce

Science, VCE Biology, Maths and General Maths

When did you start working Alia?


Tell us about something interesting you did in class this year?

It’s hard to pick just one interesting thing that we have done in a class this year. I am a big advocator for STEM education and so the Year 9s did a Forensic Science project where they designed and built a crime scene and provided clues to their crime. Students in the class then had to try solve everyone else’s crime. The juniors recently did a project where they built a model of an animal cell and most of them blew me away.

What do you enjoy about teaching your subjects?

I enjoy teaching Science because there is often more than one way to solve a problem. Science is a subject that incorporates resilience into every step of the way. A true Scientist knows that experiments rarely go the way they are planned, but what counts is your understanding of why it went wrong.

What do you like about working at Alia?

There is a sense of autonomy at Alia that I haven’t experienced at other schools. It gives me the freedom to own my teaching and also for students to own and take control of their learning.

What do you get up to with your time outside school?

I enjoy painting, drawing and portrait photography

What else do you have to say for yourself?

Science literacy prepares students to be independent thinkers who have the ability to make decisions based on firm and reliable evidence. In all essence, Science literacy develops a culture where people can be active citizens.