Janet Lewis

Janet Lewis

Drama, Dance, English, History, Classics and random Humanities subjects as required

When did you start working Alia?


Tell us about something interesting you did in class this year?

Junior HaSS students were engaged in a unit on Federation Australia and were asked to compose a telegram that conveyed the correct message but each word cost one penny and their budget was 2 shillings. All students ended up with enough change for a currant bun, which cost one penny! It was like an old fashioned tweet. The tour of local war memorials was great too!

What do you enjoy about teaching your subjects?

The joys of communicating the written word and formulating ideas in a variety of different ways is endlessly challenging and pleasurable as students discover the power of words.

What do you like about working at Alia?

Open communication. There is a freedom about expressing opinion without fear of judgement. I also love that students are able to be themselves, feel powerful enough to negotiate and are perfectly happy for their teacher to guide them rather than expect them to be infallible sources of all knowledge (okay, I’m better than Google). And I like that chatting takes place if things go wrong. I really like my students.

What do you get up to with your time outside school?

Hoovering up everything I read, hear, see or experience like a vacuum cleaner in case some tiny snippet of the world might be useful to my students. I also love cafes, the theatre, galleries, bush walking, exercise and time with my lovely family…and Bad Sir Brian the cat. And bagels! And red wine…and….

What else should we know about you?

It is rumoured that I am 147 years old. This is not true.