Hagan Mathews

Turns out it was just cheese and bread!

I have been involved with Alia on and off for the last 19 years. I was a student at Alia from 2000-2005. I returned to teach English and Latin at the school in 2014 after completing my Postgraduate Diploma of Secondary Teaching at the University of Melbourne. In 2018 I finished my Master of Secondary Teaching on exchange to the University of Oulu in Finland, and spent Term IV working at Blackburn High School.

To pass the time I like to write poetry and try to get it published (only slight success so far!). I also enjoy riding my bike. Mostly I’m riding to and from school but I just call that a great day.

I am currently establishing a Re-Engagement Program at Alia to support and engage students who are having trouble coming to school regularly. For more information about the program call 0415 061 798.