VCE Results Melbourne: Alia College Students' Achievements

VCE - What is it?

VCE stands for "Victorian Certificate of Education". VCE is awarded by the State Government of Victoria. Only students who successfully complete Years 11 and 12 obtain their VCE.

VCE results (called ENTER or ATAR scores) are used by many tertiary institutions to select students for many of their courses.

ATAR stands for Australian Tertiary Admission Rank. It is a number from 0-99.95 which indicates roughly the percentage of students based on the number in the Year 7 cohort Australia wide that you beat in the VCE assessments. It is used by many tertiary courses to select students. For many academic courses the ATAR score is all that matters. For many creative courses it is less important than the student's portfolio. Creative students may find that they can be accepted into a tertiary course even before the VCE exams by visiting the course provider and showing what they have achieved.

ENTER stands for Equivalent National Tertiary Entrance Rank and was the version of ATAR used in Victoria prior to 2010.

School coursework and external examinations are used to assess students in Year 12.

The VCE is widely recognised and accepted in the World. See this list of renowned universities worldwide.

VCE is not the final decider of a person's value. It is simply the target that we have set ourselves to achieve for families by the simple fact that we are a secondary school.

We are proud of the academic results; but we are equally proud of the students' personal development in a world that so values confidence and the ability to speak up.

Academic Credit


Already two students from our first graduating years have achieved doctorates. That is two out of about 21 students! And that is only what we are sure about. A third student may be gaining a doctorate in Arts.

The Doctorates are in Medicine [Alexander: University of Melbourne 2013] and Physics [Andrew: University of Melbourne 2013].

That is a pretty good validation of the academic credentials of Alia.

Alia has never really aimed at the production of high powered academics. This is apparently what happens when you match capable kids with an Alia type environment.


We have also done brilliantly with ENTER/ATAR scores.

Some students get ATAR scores over 98. We don't remember if Alexander did that but he did get a scholarship entry into Medicine at Melbourne University.

Almost all students seem to get better results than they or their parents had expected.

For some students merely completing their VCE was something that their parents had not dared to hope for.

We have not restricted students from taking VCE at Alia on the basis that they were not sufficiently capable. We have even taken students who have been encouraged out of other schools due to low performance (or, as they can say, due to the school's inability to provide a suitable course.)

The great majority of our students get into the course of their first choice or at least into a tertiary course.

Overall these results are brilliant beyond any reasonable expectations.

To find out if Alia will work for your child simply bring them along to have a look at one of our morning meetings and/or to do a trial day.

The more keen your child is to come to Alia after that, the better the results will be.

Sometimes a student has come unwillingly, and solely at the demand of their parents, and that student has still done wonderfully because the student developed well here; but sometimes students who are reluctant to come to Alia do not work out that well - outcomes for them can depend on quite a number of factors. Oddly, school refusers who don't want to go to any school tend to work out relatively well.

Basically the keener they are the better they do even if the parents are uncertain! (Think about it.)

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