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Associations Supportive of Progressive and Alternative Education in Victoria

AAPAE: Australasian Association for Progressive and Alternative Education

The AAPAE links together those interested and involved in progressive, alternative and democratic education.

AISV: Association of Independent Schools of Victoria

AISV Champions the right of parents to choose the type of school that they deem most appropriate for their children.

It is the major association for all types of independent schools in Victoria.

Their website contains a listing of a very large proportion of the independent schools of Victoria.

"AISV is the service organisation for independent schools in Victoria. It represents more than 200 Member Schools, promoting the principle of choice in education, championing the values of independent schools and raising awareness of our significant role as education providers."

"We have also seen the media unfairly highlighting independent schools when there are claims of bullying, alcohol and drug use and other issues that are common to all schools - government and non-government.

AISV: Parents' Website

This link provides parents with access to information about funding of independent schools.

It aims long-term to provide facts to counter spurious arguments mounted in the media in relation to bullying, alcohol and similar issues.

Schools in Victoria Supportive of Progressive and Alternative Education

You may choose from a variety of innovative, alternative and progressive schools in Melbourne.

To find out more about their individual philosophies and approaches go to the following links.

Alia College {That's us!!} - [Secondary]

Alia College offers a cheerful school experience in a nurturing and creative environment. Alia College is a secondary (years 7-12), Melbourne-based, co-educational day school, inclusive, independent, non-religious, tolerant and academic in focus.

Alia has no school uniform and teachers mostly operate on a first name basis.

Alia supports all parents in their search for the particular education that they desire. Hence this list.

Most of these are government registered and funded schools as can be seen from their inclusion on the AISV website or from their web address ending in ""

Candlebark School - [Primary & part Secondary]

Candlebark is the school started by well known children's author and educator John Marsden.

Candlebark is a school for students aged 5-14, on the world's biggest campus: 1100 acres just north of Melbourne, Australia.
In a lovely setting of native forests, European trees and gardens, from log cabins perched above a creek and waterfall, 80 students pursue knowledge and wisdom, food and each other, on bikes, scooters, skateboards, and even sometimes on their own feet.

Candlebark is a co-educational day school, has no school uniform, and operates on a first-name basis.

Fitzroy Community School - [Primary]

As well as following a normal academic curriculum, FCS provides many outings, camps, concerts and other outdoor activities. The school was founded to ensure that children develop confidence and communication skills.

The roll is kept to about 55 children, so that everybody knows everybody, and the school enjoys a community spirit. There is a personal atmosphere, rather than an institutional one. The classes are small and the curriculum is broad.

FCS is an independent, alternative primary school. It has its own unique style of operation. It has a relaxed atmosphere and good outcomes at the same time. Children are keen on learning and keen on coming to school. Some years we have no turnover of families at all.

Melbourne Community School - [Primary]

Children are individuals and so we believe they learn best when allowed to learn at their own pace. We provide a wholistic education where children don't just learn in isolation - they pick up specific skills and knowledge in the context of greater experience.

Preshil - [Preschool, Primary, Secondary]

The Preshil philosophy is based on encouragement, equality, co-operation and the supremely valuable concept of discovery. Preshil students love learning and are part of an academic journey which sees them develop a rich understanding of themselves and the world.

Village School - [primary]

We aim to delight and inspire children to be resourceful, independent learners. We celebrate individual differences, but encourage children to develop an awareness of their place in Australian society and the global community. We want them to have an understanding of their role in supporting and caring for each other, all living creatures and the natural environment.

Schools in Victoria with a distinctive, worldwide, non-mainstream approach which you may also find most valuable.

Erasmus School of Primary Education [Primary]

Erasmus School is part of a worldwide family of schools. At the heart of our curriculum is a belief that a good education leads one to Truth and fulfillment The school teaches a Philosophy of Unity. The curriculum is inspired by classical works of art, music and literature.

Maharishi School - [Primary]

Maharishi School fosters effortless, joyful, successful and fulfilling teaching and learning. Its internationally accredited Consciousness-Based Education recognises that the quality of students' awareness - their intelligence, creativity and receptivity to knowledge; their sense of self and confidence in their capabilities; their ability to comprehend both broadly and deeply - are fundamental to successful educational outcomes.

Montessori Association of Victoria [Primary]

There are more than two dozen Montessori Centres in Victoria as can be seen from the above link.

Steiner Australia - [Primary, Secondary]

> This link seems to have plenty of information on Steiner schools. Google 'Steiner' for more. Steiner is referred to as 'Waldorf' in some countries.

Universities in Melbourne

Universities and other tertiary education providers might be regarded as the ultimate alternative and progressive educators.
Generally :-
[#] there is no uniform or even dress code,
[#] there is little or no attendance checking (if there is, then it isn't available to parents!),
[#] staff can be on first name terms with students,
[#] students are treated as legal adults (which they officially are at age 18 in Australia!),
[#] etc.
[#] (even worse than progressive schools) - parents do not have access to any information directly from the institution because of privacy laws!

All of this may have something to do with the high drop out rate experienced by families of students who have been spoon fed, micro-managed and externally disciplined in highly controlled secondary school environments.

Welcome to the University of Melbourne
Home page: University of Melbourne, a leading Australian research university.

Monash University
Monash University leads the way with its international focus and a long-standing commitment to quality teaching and learning, and innovative research.

RMIT - RMIT University Melbourne

La Trobe University Melbourne
A Melbourne-based university (Bundoora) also with a regional campus at Bendigo.

Deakin University
Bachelor, Graduate and PhD programs in Ecology, Environment and their Management. Offers student profiles, international applications, downloads..

Victoria University
Multi-campus university centred in Melbourne's western suburbs. Has both a Higher Education and a Vocational Education and Training sector..

Swinburne University of Technology
Established in 1908 as the Eastern Suburbs Technical College, Swinburne is now a diverse institution

Schools in Victoria for students with social/emotional and/or behavioural issues.

The first three schools below are operated by particular experienced educators with specific strong commitments to supporting students with difficulties. Their schools are independent, non-denominational, and provide plenty of physical activity, academic learning and camps.

The Carnegie School - [Secondary]

The Carnegie School is in Kew not Carnegie. It is operated by experienced educator Dr. Jon Carnegie. It accepts both boys and girls.

At The Carnegie School, we address the many problems facing our young people today. From self-esteem and behavioural issues through to social and learning difficulties, our curriculum is designed to create lifelong, positive outcomes for your child.

This process is not a quick fix. While the focus is on developing self-esteem and personal skills, we also provide a rigorous, disciplined academic program designed to develop in your child the confidence they require to meet the challanges of life head on.

Using our experiential education techniques and the skills of our trained staff, students will go on a year-long journey. During the year, the student and their family will develop the understanding and discipline required for greater communication.

The Carnegie School is at 12A Peel Street Kew, Victoria Australia 3101. Melway Map 45 5C
T: 03 9855 0008

Frank Dando Sports Academy - [Secondary]

The Frank Dando Sports Academy first opened in 1980 to provide an education for boys of age 10 to 16 who, although usually highly intelligent, have failed in the mainstream schools. Such boys may occasionally arrive with reputations for bullying or violence. Others may lack confidence, showing symptoms of ADS/HD or simply not working at all.

The school aims to increase their self esteem and health through intensive physical education and quickly improve their mathematics and English through intensive small group tuition. Usually after one or two years boys can return to mainstream schools.

Frank Dando Sports Academy, takes Boys only Primary and Secondary
33 Raymond Street, Ashwood 3147. Melway Ref Map 61 A10
[Off High Street near Huntingdale Road]
Principal: Mr Ziad Zakharia
T: 03 9807 0508

Kamaruka - [Secondary]

Kamaruka is an idependent school with a modified curriculum, for boys with social/emotional and/or behavioural issues, who have difficulty coping with the demands of a mainstream school.

Kamaruka takes boys only, Years 5-10.
6 Prince Patrick Street, Richmond 3121. Melway ref map 58 E1 or map 2L 1K.
[Off Church Street immediately north of the Yarra River and Citilink (Monash Freeway)
Principal: Mr Alfonso Scibilia
T:03 9429 0564

Berengarra School - [Secondary]

For Secondary level boys and girls.
The school was established in 1976 by Ken Jago and Bruce Wicking, educators who recognised that not all young people were capable of success in a mainstream school environment.

Berengarra is a non-profit co-educational school that provides innovative educational programmes to meet the individual needs of adolescents with social and emotional problems. We aim to break the cycle of failure and skill students for responsible participation within the community.

Berengarra is situated at 583 Ferntree Gully Rd, Glen Waverley 3150. Melway ref Map 71 B8
[Exit the Monash Freeway at Ferntree Gully Road or Springvale road.] Principal: Mr Mark Heuston
T: 03 9562 0200

We have not visited the following schools but you may find them well worth the effort to visit yourself.

Andale School

For children aged from 6 to 15 years (Prep - Year 8).
Andale School is a small independent school for children with language and learning disorders who are not able to learn effectively in the mainstream setting.

Andale is situated at 84 Charles Street, Kew 3101. Melway ref Map 45 D6
[Off Cotham Road East of Glenferrie Road.]
Principal: Ms Margaret Cotter
T: 03 9853 3911

The B.E.S.T. Centre

For students aged 12-17 who have Department of Human Services intervention and are case managed by a community service organisation. (Secondary).

We are often the last resort for many Victorian kids who can't live safely at home.

The BEST Centre is situated at 11 Tower Court, Noble Park 3174. Melway ref Map 89 J6
[Off Popes Road off Chandler Road.]
Principal: Ms Emma McCarthy
T: 03 9798 8140

Rossbourne School [Secondary]

An independent, co-educational nondenominational school for secondary students with identifiable learning disorders.
131 Power St
Hawthorn 3122
Principal: Mr Linden Hearn
T: 03 9819 4611

Mansfield Autistic Centre [Primary and Secondary]

We don't know of a website for this school. It is referenced at Autism Victoria
A small rural residential school that provides intensive programs in independence, communication, behaviour management for students with an Autism Spectrum Disorder.
81 Highett St
Mansfield 3722
Principal: Ms Jennifer Cleeland
Ph: 03 5775 2876

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