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Part of the work of the secondary college years is learning to work together, to get along, and to deal effectively with problems.

Essentially, discipline is being able to apply one's self to learning. A non-punishment system relies on the power of the group and open communication rather than the power of the teacher alone. It relies on a teacher's ability to focus a discussion and maintain communication channels.
Punishment is not a motivator for community spirit. It tends to push certain students in the opposite direction.

We encourage consideration of feelings and commitments rather than institutionalized discipline plans.

We are committed to high quality outcomes for students by relating to them as individuals and partners in the learning process. We specifically avoid a culture in which discipline and control block opportunities for learning. We focus our efforts on invitation and example.
We offer our students real responsibility and opportunities to design their own learning environment. This has sometimes meant that students have had a say in significant matters in the school such as being on the selection panel for new staff.

Our great achievements come from a remarkably different school culture. Students have open access to kitchens, knives, boiling water, stoves, ovens, trees, ladders, power tools, etc. Rigid avoidance of risk causes problems.

Roughhousing between mutually consenting individuals is accepted cheerfully. Students are able to visit local shops, use public transport, and cross streets without direct supervision of staff.

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