Alia College is Located at 405 Tooronga Rd, Hawthorn East, Melbourne.

How to Enrol: Information Nights, Trial Day, Enrolment Form

The Enrolment Process

If you wish to consider joining Alia College please complete the enrolment application form and return it to Alia College.

This gives you a firm place in the enrolment queue.

You can download the enrolment application form here or call 9822 9622 for a brochure and the form will be mailed to you.

[Please note that this is an application form only not an enrolment form. An actual enrolment interview follows a successful trial.] A trial day will be arranged once the enrolment form and payment are received by Alia College .

This trial day is a unique opportunity for prospective students to experience a full day at Alia College without the commitment of a formal enrolment and without having to complete an interview.

On a trial day the prospective student is able to meet the current students and see how they actually interact with each other.

In this way the reality of the school can be experienced by the student first hand.

The prospective student is also able to experience the way in which the teachers relate to the students in a less formal manner so they can assess their likelihood of being able to learn in our calmer environment.

Calling by phone first is recommended but not required

Before you seek to enrol at Alia College we recommend that you call on (03) 9822 9622 to chat about what Alia has to offer your child; to check that there is space in the school; and generally to save time.

Alternatively, attend an Information Night.

At information nights the philosophy of the school is explained and there are opportunities to speak to students, teachers and the Principal.

The Information Nights are held at 7:15pm at 405 Tooronga Rd Hawthorn East 3123, [at the corner of Cato St]. Melway Reference 59 F4.

Enter via Cato Street.

Please see the school calendar for the dates.

An excellent option is to do a Brief Visit.

Brief visits allow you to see an actual class group in action for about 10 minutes.

You get to be "a fly on the wall".

You see the democratic style of our meetings.

Mostly the meetings focus on whatever is on students' minds at the time. If someone refers to a foot injury you are liable to hear a dozen foot injury stories. Sometimes a news or sporting event produces a lot of discussion. Sometimes, if you are very lucky, there will be a question or difficulty up for discussion and you will see a problem resolution process in action.

Generally parents bring the prospective student and it's fine to come with a toddler or baby.

Prospective students are able see the tone of student meetings and how our students are dressed and to gauge whether they would like to do a trial day with them.

You can book in for a brief visit on 03 9822 9622. Most mornings are available.

Be sure to be on time as the meetings only run for a short time. If you are a few minutes late you can miss important elements.

Aim to be in the building by 9am sharp. Allow 15 minutes more travel time than you might guess. Rush hour traffic in Tooronga Road at that time can be heavy. However it is much worse than you might expect because there are four schools in a row along our street: Bialik College, Hawthorn Secondary, Auburn South Primary and us.

It is much easier coming by public transport as the 624 bus stops immediately outside the school. Also many students come by train via Tooronga Station which is a 10 minute walk away, or via Auburn Station from which they take the 624 bus.

You may find that it is easier to park around Cato Park opposite the school, but take care crossing Tooronga Road at that time.

General Excellence Scholarships

If you are keen to attend Alia and have concerns about your ability to pay fees then you are welcome to apply for a General Excellence Scholarship (bursary).

How to apply.
Write us a letter/email (or complete the form at the bottom of this page) explaining why you might be good for the school and/or why the school might be good for you. You can include a bit about your story or anything else you think might sway us.

How your application is considered?
We will read what you say and consider it in relation to how a student like you might fit into our currently enrolled group, whether we think you or someone else wrote it, and how nice or awful a day we've just had.

If someone else does want to say something that they don't think you will adequately address, they can write a separate email.

What questions should I answer in my application?
That's up to you. As many or as few as you like – although if you send us a short novel we might not get to time to read it. We are not into such things as key performance indicators that must be thoroughly addressed in order to get past the first base. The one thing that you must include is your contact details (name, email address and telephone number).

If anything above is unclear, or creates a difficulty for you, feel free to give us a call.

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