Alia Secondary College vs Mainstream Schools

Alia Secondary College

The curriculum that Alia College provides is much the same (exactly in VCE) as other mainstream education schools. However the environment in which Alia College provides this education is different to mainstream schools. Below is a quick summary of how the environment at Alia College differs from mainstream schools:

A remarkably pleasant atmosphere:

Bullying fixed. Students commonly say that bullying is effectively managed at Alia.

University or Community Style

Special Programs

Smoking is not permitted.

The above list is not inclusive of everything that is different; the best way to experience the differences is to visit the school.

"It's similar to my primary school, but more fair. In primary school we only had meeting once a month and they had a morning prayer. They did appreciations but not concerns." Paul m Year 8.

"At my old school they had all these silly rules about socks and buckles. Out of school you don't have those sort of rules so it's not real. It's less hypocritical here. At my old school there were rules about having your hair up and no shoe strings, but the teachers did." Ella f Year 8.

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