VCE Theatre Studies Play 2008. Alia College, Melbourne.


Alia College VCE Play 2008. Maddi Tash costume A 14th Century Morality Play

"One is responsible for all the consequences of one's actions ..."

Adaptation by the Alia College Year 12 Theatre Studies Class

Alia College VCE Play 2008. Ben makeup


Wednesday 28th, Thursday 29th, Friday 30th & Saturday 31st May 2008


7:30 PM


Alia College
405 Tooronga Rd
Hawthorn East


$10 General Admission
Bookings Essential
Call 9822 9622

Alia College VCE Play 2008. Ash looking up. Alia College VCE Play 2008. Xan darkening eyes Alia College VCE Play 2008. Ash Ben SarahC Alia College VCE Play 2008. Sarah C looking up Alia College VCE Play 2008. Ash stained glass Alia College VCE Play 2008. Ben Ash surprised Alia College VCE Play 2008. Xan pointing Alia College VCE Play 2008. Xan. Ben behind Alia College VCE Play 2008. Xan eyes closed


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Alia College VCE Play 2008. Sarah C Eye makeup Alia College VCE Play 2008. Ben pointing. Alia College VCE Play 2008. Maddi palms up


Ben - director, sound
Sarah C - dramaturge, publicity
Xander - set
Madii - costume, make-up
Ashlee - lighting


Messenger - Michael B
God - Madii W
Death - Xander
Everyman - Ashlee
Fellowship - Ben M
Kindred - Tash
Cousin - Liz
Goods - Sarah C
Good Deeds - Sam
Knowledge - Tash
Five Wits - Sarah C
Angel - Ben M
Doctor - Xander
Frankie J - Gal
Interpretive Dancer No.1 - Steele
Interpretive Dancer No.2 - Hamish


Sound - Tesh
Lighting - Ty


Sarah W





Note from the Creative Supervisor (Sarah Whitwam):

Well, we have finally arrived at our point of reckoning and oh what a journey ... The Theatre Studies Students have interpreted this classic medieval morality tale using an eclectic mix of theatrical styles and genres and a touch of humour.

Thank-you to the cast and crew for all the hard work they put in to create a memorable theatrical experience.

And thanks to you the audience, for coming with us on the journey.

We hope you enjoy the production and heed knowledge's advice - "if you stare into the void for long enough sooner or later it stares back at you".

Special Thanks to these Alia College staff members:

Sarah Whitwam
Anna Lyttle
Antonia Fleming
Ginevra Morgan
Bob Morgan


To the Cast and Crew of -Everyman-,

Tonight I had the pleasure of being invited to see your production. Apart from the fact that it was a VCE presentation I had no information on what I was going to see. I must say it was a very positive surprise and a fantastic way to spend an evening.

Over the years I have studied drama at university and performed in many productions throughout Australia, and I love any opportunity to be in the company of creative and inspiring individuals.

I was struck by your use of four very difficult performance spaces, which as you self admitted would have presented you with many technical obstacles from lighting, to sound, to audience sight lines. You did a great job of using levels to not only aid the audience, but to create a sense of difference with each scene. This, along with your visual and scripted clues, helped us to identify emotive and character changes.

Having a character set up the play and allowing the audience to associate with them as a guide provided smoothness and clarity as to when and how to move. Which, in a play such as yours, kept my attention on what was happening and alleviated any sense of confusion.

It was clear that your focus was holistic, with impressive lighting and sound along with imaginative costumes and even mask work. Your four masked character trait creature was mesmerising and left me wanting more of the intriguing choreography.

I guess what I am trying to say is well done!! You had a great cast, especially the lead characters, and a well rehearsed crew. As mentioned, it really was a fun way to enjoy a night out and I thank you all for the experience. Best of luck with your future projects, you clearly have a lot of talent in performance and production and I look forward to the next instalment!


Name withheld til we get permission from the writer.
Audience member
Wednesday 28/05/08.

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